Considering A John Boos Kitchen Cart

John Boos is the leading expert on butcher block and stainless steel in the United States. From their humble beginnings over 125 years ago, they have morphed into a brand that is trustworthy and have amazing experience.

Why John Boos?

If you’re in the market for any butcher block or stainless steel products, you might be wondering why John Boos is the right choice for you. John Boos & Co. has the most experience and produces and manufactures all of their products right here in the United States. As a matter of fact, John Boos is the only company that both produces and manufactures both butcher block and stainless steel under the same roof. All of their products are handmade with expert craftsmanship right here in the USA.

John Boos butcher block

John Boos & Co. began with their butcher block product, and it wasn’t even intentional. Some 125 years ago, Conrad Boos, John’s father, was working as a blacksmith. He was in need of a product that could handle the blows of his hammer and anvil while he worked. No such product existed, so he wandered into the nearby woods and harvest wood from a sycamore tree. He crafted the wood into a butcher block, standing on three legs. It did the trick. Conrad was able to work seamlessly. The local butcher had seen Conrad’s butcher block and coveted one for himself. Conrad’s son, John, crafted him a similar product to use for his meat market, and the rest was history.

John Boos stainless steel

They started with butcher block, but that certainly doesn’t make them any less of an expert when it comes to steel. John Boos quickly learned the advantages of stainless steel and began manufacturing it along with their butcher block products. In fact, many of John Boos products are an amalgam of their two works of art; butcher block and stainless steel.

John Boos kitchen cart

One such product that combines both butcher block and stainless steel are John Boos kitchen carts. Why do you have a need for a kitchen cart? For starters, it is mobile. It can live separately from your current countertops. Butcher block or steel countertops are great, but if you aren’t in the market for remodeling or are trying to save some money, a kitchen cart might be the right choice. John Boos kitchen carts combine a sturdy and durable butcher block top, with stainless steel legs, wheels, and drawers. Much like Conrad’s first butcher block, but updated to be modern and able to withstand any of your needs. John Boos kitchen carts are great for food preparation, including cutting, dicing, slicing, and cleaning. The surface is made of butcher block so it is safe to prepare food on and still have the visual appeal. The stainless steel legs will add a sleekness to any style home and match any design style you might have. The kitchen cart could even be used in other rooms, maybe as a table to serve appetizers or a mini bar.