The Food and Nutrition Program at New York University

The food and nutrition program focuses on the interrelationships between food, health, and society. It is an exciting major that can prepare you for a career in a wide range of fields, including food service management, public policy and health, the local and sustainable food industry, and more.

Students who complete the major will have a strong background in the science of food and nutrition, and they’ll develop the communication, problem-solving, and teamwork skills needed to be successful in a variety of careers. Those who pursue the dietetics track will learn how to apply that knowledge to the field of health care, and they’ll become registered dietitians.

Faculty and staff are committed to your success, and they’ll help you build on your unique strengths and interests. They’ll also guide you through the rigorous coursework and challenging experiences that are integral to this major.

You’ll study the food system in a global context and examine the role of culture, religion, and ethnicity in our dietary habits, eating patterns, and nutrition outcomes. You’ll also learn about the role of nutrition education in promoting healthy food choices and physical activity.

Our faculty are leaders in their fields, and they’re actively engaged in research and community outreach to address the complex issues facing New Yorkers. They’re experts in the science of nutrition and a variety of other fields, so they can help you develop a deeper understanding of the role of food and nutrition in society.

As a food and nutrition major, you’ll learn how to promote optimal nutrition and well-being through education, research, and service. You’ll become part of a vibrant, dynamic community that encourages you to use your creativity, passion, and commitment to improve the lives of others.

In addition to preparing you to become a dietitian, the click here food and nutrition program offers a variety of courses and research opportunities to enhance your professional skills. These include a policy, systems, and environment (PSE) course for those who want to learn more about how to increase access to healthy foods for low-income people.

We’re also a member of the National Food and Nutrition Policy Network, which brings together national organizations to address common problems and opportunities related to food and nutrition. You’ll get the chance to participate in workshops and networking events with fellow professionals, so you can expand your knowledge and build your skills.

This is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience prior to graduation, and you’ll also get to connect with potential employers. You can also minor in an area that is relevant to your future plans. Popular minors include hospitality, human development and family studies, kinesiology and health science, psychology, languages, business, and many more.

Your professors will be invested in your success, and they’ll help you develop the communication, problem-solving, a strong knowledge base in food and nutrition, and the teamwork skills needed to be successful in whichever careers you choose. You’ll also learn about the complex issues facing New Yorkers, and you’ll be given the chance to develop a deeper understanding of the role of nutrition education in promoting healthy eating and physical activity.