How to Estimate the Cost of a Move

If you are planning a move, you should start by selecting a reputable moving company. You can find companies by comparing quotes, reading reviews and checking their licenses and insurance. In addition, you can ask friends and family for recommendations. You should also choose a full-service company that offers packing, unpacking and storage services. This will save you time and stress.

The cost of a move depends on several factors, including the size of your home and how many items you need to pack and transport. Some movers provide packing supplies at an additional charge. These supplies can include everything from boxes to tape and bubble wrap. They can be very useful when packing fragile items. They can also help you to plan your shipment and make sure all of your belongings are properly accounted for.

Choosing the right date for your move is essential. If you can, try to avoid the end of a school year or just before a new semester starts. During these times, moving companies are in high demand. This means that rates are often higher than they would be during other periods of the year.

Another important factor that affects the cost of a move is whether it is local or long distance. Long-distance moves usually involve a larger truck and may require specialized services like packing and crating. These moves are also more likely to be affected by weather and road conditions.

You should always get a written estimate from your Clutch Moving Company before the move. This should include the charges for labor, materials and mileage. It should also state the pickup and delivery dates. In some cases, a written contract is required by law to protect you against hidden costs.

Before your move, you should carefully catalog your belongings and note their value. You should also weigh the truck before and after loading to determine its total weight. The higher the load, the more expensive your move will be. You should also consider additional services such as crate packing, which is usually charged at a premium. For example, you might need to purchase a crate for a sculpture or an antique that is too large for standard shipping.

The best way to protect your possessions is to choose a full-service moving company with experience and a good track record. Check the company’s FMCSA record and ask for references. You should also read online reviews and customer feedback. Look for a mover that has its own trucks and does not rent them. Also, be wary of any movers who require a cash deposit or demand a large upfront payment.

A full-service moving company should be able to handle local, long-distance, and international moves. It should have a fleet of clean, well-maintained trucks and should be licensed by the FMCSA for interstate moving. It should also have a claims department that is accessible through its website or by phone. The company should be able to resolve loss or damage claims within 120 days.